Verizon Nyc Franchise Agreement

“In accordance with Article 5.1.2 of the franchise agreement, there were until now three `necessary checkpoints`, on 30 June 2010, 30 June 2011 and 30 June 2012. Please provide copies of all documents and/or progress reports submitted by Verizon New York Inc. to these checkpoints.┬áThere`s a requirement that not all households coming to Verizon can have a high income, but the mandate is pretty lenient. The agreement states that “the estimated average household income of all houses handed over must not be higher than the average household income in New York City.” But comparing a median with an average is the statistical equivalent of comparing apples with pineapple. As written, a household with an income of 70,000 $US is below the threshold. If it compares average household income to the city median and not the average, Verizon would have to serve households with incomes of $45,000 or less to meet the benchmark. Verizon did not admit fault in the agreement that amends Verizon`s cable franchise agreement with the city. The network will be city-wide, which is the first time a single provider has offered cable services to all city dwellers. Time Warner and Cablevision currently share the city. As part of the franchise, Verizon will contribute to a technology and education fund. However, the payment is only 4 million $US over seven years, or about 8 cents per person per year. The original franchise agreement required Verizon to switch to “every home” with fiber by June 30, 2014.