Uscca Membership Agreement

Update 2020: I am an elite member (with a real photographer). Plus updates of their big changes to their membership levels. USCCA focuses on education, but here are some of the things you get even with membership (at any level). I just joined uscca, but unfortunately I didn`t see this page first. I went with the elite annual plan For $150 more per year, it basically doubled the coverage I decided to go to the maximum, since I live in CA and own 2 small businesses. Too much to lose not to spend the extra $150. I hope I never have to use/test it. But like any insurance, you only need it if you need it Your membership is covered by the USCCA`s 100% bulletproof refund guarantee. I`d be willing to bet that most of its members never read the actual membership agreement and simply decided which company to go with, based on a comparative chart they found online or perhaps a high-pressure partner who sold them the plan. Some people will be very disappointed to learn that they will be hanged to dry by the people they thought they would give them their backs. But I won`t be one of them. I have been a member of the NRA for over 20 years.

I have been part of the USCCA for several years. I got the impression that my spouse (national partner) would need a full membership….