Investment Group Agreement

RVC has signed ten investment partnership agreements. All funds raised by RVC in the form of an Investment Partnership Agreement (IPA) are managed by professional management companies. Assignment, assignment, seizure, mortgage or sale of all or part of its shares in the partnership to another partner or person, whoever, or to the conclusion of an agreement wherein a person or person who is not a partner is interested in the partnership. Abduction of a partner. Any partner may be withdrawn by mutual agreement of the partners whose capital accounts represent the bulk of the value of all the capital accounts of all the partners. The conditions for taking into account a distance may include, inter alia, non-compliance with the attendance requirements (indicated in the operational procedures), non-compliance with the necessary periodic contributions (according to the operational procedures) and the unauthorized activity of a partner on behalf of the partnership (ยง 24). The Partners have ensured that this Partnership Agreement is concluded on the dates indicated below, with effect from the date indicated above. The Signatories have received updated copies of the provisions of this Agreement and the operating procedures. Your signature on one or a separate copy of this page must show its understanding and confirmation for it. At the time of payment, a partner receives the value of its capital account at the time of its withdrawal within thirty days, except that if the repayment of the capital account of an outgoing partner requires the liquidation of securities, the repayment of the capital account may not be postponed for more than fourteen additional days so that a vote of the members can decide on the securities to be liquidated.

Following this resignation, the partner must conclude a security agreement mentioning the partnership and the various partners to protect all. The conditions set forth above constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any prior communication or arrangement regarding the subject matter of this Agreement. There are no written or oral agreements directly or indirectly related to this Agreement that are not specified therein. This Agreement may only be amended in writing and signed by both parties. Modification of the partnership contract. This partnership agreement may be amended from time to time after the agreement of all partners whose capital accounts represent at least two-thirds of the value of all capital accounts. The written or e-mail notification of the meeting, at which an amendment to the partnership agreement will be considered, shall contain a specific reference and a brief description of the matter to be discussed. Things to keep in mind With this warning in mind, you need to make sure that a deal is made when you enter into an investment club.

Make sure all parties are signatories to the agreement. If a partner leaves the partnership, you should always require them to have a flawless agreement with the partnership and all other parties as part of that withdrawal. This approach has been included in the document above. Identification of risks.