Initial Letter Agreement

The person signing the mail contract does so (if duly authorized) on behalf of the legal person. Signature blocks are therefore formatted as they are formatted in normal agreements. The recipient`s block of signatures is usually preceded by the words for acceptance (indicating that the letter itself is an “offer” in the legal sense of the term), for the agreement (which reflects the truly reciprocal nature of the correspondence agreement) or for confirmation (if the correspondence agreement contains the information that a seller makes in compliance with its obligation to inform). As part of this Memorandum of Understanding, we require you to suspend your purchases for other buyers for a period of at least 60 days, in order to allow us time to enter into due diligence and conclude the agreement. While such a correspondence agreement is not entirely in line with the spirit of the Works Council Act, it is probably an optimal solution to adapt to international M&A practice for large-scale transactions. Note that defined terms are not printed in bold, which is a good practice (unlike the definition of normal chords). Many authors of a correspondence agreement refer to the sender as we do and to the recipient as you; It`s not necessary….