Glencore Paris Agreement

Sustainability Anna Krutikov t: +41 41 709 34 26 m: +41 79 737 55 82 Martin Fewings t: +41 41 709 2880 m: +41 79 1 737 5642 Media Charles Watenphul t: +41 41 709 24 62 m: +41 79 904 33 20 “We will argue that the management plan must have an annual revision plan. The Paris Agreement is an instrument that recognises that reduction must be dynamic and increase over time. Commitments are not static, so it is not possible to manage emissions. However, the proposal has led to a mixed reaction from environmental groups. While some have argued that the link between the coal mine`s authorization and global emissions is positive, others say that simply limiting exports to signatories to the Paris Agreement will not have a significant impact, since virtually every country has signed the agreement. The proposal document circulated by the Planning Commission does not distinguish between signatories to the Paris Agreement and those who have actually ratified it; When it was negotiated in 2015, the Paris Agreement was signed by 195 countries covering the bulk of the world`s greenhouse gas emissions. “The condition they have proposed needs to be broadened to realise that mere adherence to the Paris Agreement does not in itself achieve what the Commission wants to achieve, but this is important because this is the first time that the authorisation of a mine in NSW is linked to global efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Ash Lazenby t: +41 41 709 2714 m: +41 79 543 3804 Mining company Glencore could be forced to sell only coal from a new mine in New South Wales to signatories to the Paris climate agreement, as announced by the state`s Independent Planning Commission. While the Lock the Gate Alliance said the group supported the proposal, the Environment Defenders Officer said the proposal was “flawed” because it assumed that countries that had ratified the Paris Agreement would meet climate change targets; Under current commitments, the world is on track to reach more than 3°C of global warming, well beyond what was promised in the Paris Agreement. .

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