Tesco Usdaw Partnership Agreement

This agreement should be read with a series of Tesco and Usdaw publications, which provide more information on the areas covered: the decision-making process includes all representatives of the National Forum who work together on behalf of the store`s colleagues. The proposals will be voted on by Usdaw members at the National Forum and, if adopted by the majority, will form the final agreement. Tesco and Usdaw have been working in partnership since 1998. Our partnership agreement supports our mutual values as well as Tesco`s vision and strategy and forms the basis of our cooperation. This voluntary agreement between Tesco and Usdaw serves as a practical guide: “This is the kind of partnership in which people take twice the time on Sundays,” said Alastair Hatchett of Incomes Data Services. The partnership agreement is also available on our Tesco website at www.ourtesco.com/working-at-tesco/our-partnership-agreement In Express, with the agreement of the Lead Area Organiser, usdaw representatives of the group can meet for the rep team meeting or attend the meeting of a local metro-shop. You can invite your staff manager and/or store manager to the meeting when they organize their meeting in the group. Each introductory session has a 30-minute window into the benefits of the Partnership Agreement and EU membership. The head of staff/training should open the meeting and discuss positively the benefits of the Tesco-Usdaw partnership and how EU action is helping to support Tesco`s colleagues. A usdaw rep will cover the rest of the session. This may include talking about the benefits of joining the Usdaw, playing the usdaw and Partnership Agreement sections of the Induction DVD, distributing Usdaw information packages, answering questions and distributing membership forms. Colleagues who choose Usdaw will have time to complete and return usdaw membership forms. All problems that cannot be solved at this level are degenerated by email (ourforum@uk.tesco.com) to Tesco`s help desk.

If the problem cannot be resolved in the office, it will happen to the retail managers. As part of the induction process for all Usdaw representatives, Health and Safety Reps and Union Learning Reps, the Space Organization and the Human Resources Manager agree to allow staff to attend the first part of the training.