What Is An Rsu Agreement

(a) the assignment of tasks that involve much less authority and responsibility to the participant and are effective immediately before the participant`s change of control begins; (i) changing control; (ii) the date of implementation of the original written agreement or instrument for changing control, or (iii) the date of adoption of a decision by the committee providing for the modification of control; The amendment, which sufficiently increases the number of common shares in the plan, will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the plan. 14. Employment according to will. There is nothing in this agreement or plan that gives the Participant the right to continue the business for a specified period of time or to infringe the rights of the company (or a parent or subsidiary employing or retaining a participant) or of the participant whose rights are expressly reserved here, at the end of Participant153s` service with the company at any time for any reason, with or without reason. 15. Sustainability. The provisions of this agreement are dissociable and if one or more provisions are considered illegal or non-applicable, in whole or in part, the other provisions are nevertheless binding and enforceable. 16. Electronic delivery. The entity may decide, at its sole discretion, to electronically forward all documents relating to participation in the plan, TO the PRUs or future PRUs that may be granted under the plan (including, but not only, to the declarations possibly required by the Securities and Exchange Commission) or to seek the agreement of 153s participants to participate in the plan electronically.

The participant agrees to receive these documents electronically and, at his request, to agree to participate in the plan through an online or electronic system set up and maintained by the company or by any other third party designated by the company. 17. Impose other requirements. The entity reserves the right to impose additional requirements for the participation of participants 153 in the plan, the premium and all actions acquired under the plan, as long as the company deems it necessary or desirable to comply with local law or facilitate the management of the plan, and to require that I sign additional agreements or commitments that may be necessary to carry out the above. “no competition or demand period” refers to the period during which you are employed by the company and twelve months after the date on which, for whatever reason, you are no longer employed by the company. . If you are employed in the United States (including Puerto Rico) if your hiring is interrupted by the company for reasons other than misconduct or other conduct that harms the interests of the company, and you are not authorized to retire, you are only entitled to a tally (i.e., the restricted period for) a total number of RSUs proportional only if you execute and not revoke an authorization in favour of the company and its predecessors, successors, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, directors and employees in a form satisfactory to the company and, if the company deems it applicable, a non-competing and/or non-contestable agreement; If you do not execute or revoke the authorization or execute the competition or non-invitation agreement, you will expire all RSUs that will not be transferred at the time of termination of your employment. The proportional number of RSUs formula to which you are entitled under this Section 2 (d) is available upon request from the Office of the Corporate Secretary of 345 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10154. (d) the inability of the company to obtain the agreement of a successor of the company, to take over the acceptance and approval of the performance of the member`s conservation contract, to the extent that such an agreement requires it.