Usg Tcsg Articulation Agreement

To qualify for a joint contract transfer credit, students must have exempted or met the learning assistance requirements at a TCSG institution. For the calculation of the placement of maths (MPI) and the English placement index (EPI) using USG formulas, a CPE-COMPASS-ASSET link table is provided. Since the formulas used to calculate MPI and EPI do not use CPE or ASSET, these values must be converted to equivalent COMPASS scores to calculate investment indices. The Georgia Comprehensive College Joint Agreement is based on the principles of meeting student needs, avoiding duplication, making effective use of state resources and expanding post-secondary opportunities in Georgia. While articulation agreements facilitate the transfer of university credits between the Atlanta Technical College and other colleges and universities, other unmentioned courses may also be entrusted. If you wish to transfer course credits between institutions, you must go to the university or university to which you wish to transfer evaluation credits. Basic General Agreement: The TCSG-USG agreement defines 28 general education courses that are entrusted to SACSCOC accredited institutions. As part of the Complete College Georgia agreement accept usg institutions (University System of Georgia) and TCSG (Technical College System of Georgia) Institutions accept general training courses for transfer between their respective institutions: (click here to view the list). Link to the Council of Regents 6-7-11 Press release on the agreement: The TCSG-USG agreement defines 27 general education courses that are guaranteed to be transferred between accredited COC bags institutions. A number of additional courses from Atlanta Technical College are transferred to USG schools and more information is available in the portability database on the usg school website or when contacting the school. It is a formally approved agreement between two higher education institutions that allows students to apply credits acquired in a higher education institution to their advanced reputation, entry or transfer to another institution in specific courses or programs. Below, you will find a list of institutions with articulation agreements with the Atlanta Technical College: To benefit from the agreement, TCSG Colleges must be accredited by the Colleges Commission of the Association of Southern Colleges and Schools.

Savannah Technical College is accredited. This transfer agreement applies to students of TCSG accredited sacscoc institutions: pursuant to an agreement reached in January 2012 between USG and TCSG, TCSG courses accredited in the table below are transferred between the USG and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and comparable results of the placement and exit tests are taken into account between the systems. Transfer agreements between Atlanta Technical College and other colleges and universities minimize duplication while allowing for a smooth transition to the next phase of your educational journey. A articulation agreement is a formal agreement to transfer credits from one educational institution or system to another. LTC graduates can use several local and national articulation agreements to minimize repeated coursework and allow for a smooth transfer of earned credits to a four-year college or university. In addition, thanks to the articulation agreements between the Georgia Technical College System, the Georgia University System, the Georgia Independent College Association (GICA) and the following colleges, you can transfer the credits obtained between the accredited SACSCOC schools: “The action of the Regents Council to add five additional TCSG courses to our transfer agreement is another important step towards the goal of perfect training for Georgian students.