Ttu Oia Agreements

All teachers, staff and students are encouraged to register in a direct down payment (ACH) for travel or various refunds. This allows the university to deposit payments and refunds directly into your account and avoid typical delays in the printing and shipping process. The links for the implementation of direct payments are below: all work-related domestic travel requests follow the standard TTU rules. In addition, domestic travel must meet CDC and TxDPS requirements for travel outside Of Texas. Martin is originally from Cameroon, where he grew up and also attended school until his master`s degree in physics (Applied Mechanics) at the University of Yaounde 1. After obtaining his university scholarship in Toulouse France, he came to the United States to pursue and finally a doctorate in mechanical engineering at Texas Tech University. He is happy with Gaelle married and proud parent of three beautiful children; Blanche, Hilaree and Martin-Leeroy. All necessary work-related international travel must be approved in advance. Employees are forced to isolate themselves 14 days after returning from an international trip. If you need to isolate yourself, please contact Human Resources to find out how you can report your time. The university reserves the right to refuse emergency leave (including non-work pandemic leave) and to require normal leave for any staff member who knowingly travels to a high-risk area of COVID-19, in a country designated by the CDC as being at risk for the transfer of COVID 19 or on cruise. TTU faculties, staff and student staff travelling outside the United States must comply with TTU`s current international travel rules, including prior authorization from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at least 30 days prior to departure. Travel to all other sources of funding.

Universities and departments are urged to carefully consider the need for all other work-related national travel and to allow travel only for those that require urgent action, as we continue to address cuts in the state budget. Martin continued his teaching while he did research and published scientific work. His research has focused mainly on thermal fluids, where he analyzes fluid dynamics and their various implications, although he has renewed interest in aerodynamics, CFDs and turbulence. Click on this link for detailed information on the CDC`s travel health guidelines. Click on this link for CDC information on travel within the United States. At that time, the university strongly advises edkle on international travel for personal reasons.