Legal Validity Of Unregistered Sale Agreement

6) The revocation clause must be enforced by both parties with respect to the registered agreement. 8) If the buyer refuses to accept the termination of the registered sales contract, you can sue the direct buyer for practical benefit in order to make a residual payment order in order to legally determine the authenticity of the property`s ownership. It is concluded that, on the basis of the above Hon`ble Courts, the unregord sale agreement was legitimized, since it could be admissible in a lawsuit for a defined benefit and be admissible in the evidence relating to Section 49 of the Registration Act. The non-registered sale agreement can form the basis of the legal action of a defined benefit and serve as evidence of the contractual agreement or partial performance of a contract. Section 53A should normally be used as a defence and not as a weapon when a defendant has the right to protect his property from the bearer or from his heir or his legal representative. In the absence of contrary legislation, an ATS has not been registered in accordance with industry practice with respect to real estate exported both between individuals and between developers and Allottees. As the law did not provide for registration, ATS was also not exposed to the consequences of section 49 of the Registration Act. Therefore, the courts and especially consumers for has, used to make these unregistered ATS effective. Payment terms: The buyer and seller agree to agree on the price of the property and all other charges that go to the transfer of property. This must be taken into account and accepted by the buyer and seller. 2.Je would advise you to terminate the contract and sell it to another person.

First of all, you benefit from your own country. Under the provision of Section 53A, the purchaser is entitled to object to any attempt by the cedant to disturb the purchaser`s legitimate property under the sale agreement, and his position as plaintiff or defendant should not make any difference. The purchaser can only use the shield as a defendant and not as a complainant, he would overcome the spirit of section 53A himself, for it will be possible for an overpowered expropriating the purchaser, even against the parties to the contract, and forcing him to be tried as a plaintiff.