Hospitality Bargaining Council Main Agreement 2019

The sectoral determination of the hotel and restaurant industry for the calculation of the national minimum wage includes the rations they receive (no cooked meals). When I read Industry Law 14, only tips, gifts, etc., are excluded. The NMW did not increase further. Perhaps you`re thinking about raising minimum wages for wholesale and retail trade w.e.f. August 2, 2019 – see calendar 1 of the National Minimum Wage Act 2018 states that these minimum wages will take effect “from a date set by the president by proclaiming in the Gazette.” While this suggests a future date that is not yet known, some commentators believe it should also be January 1, 2019. While we do not agree with this latter interpretation, we recommend that our readers respect the prescribed minimums from January 1, 2019. Each worker earns at least the minimum wage, subject to certain exceptions. The minimum wage for domestic, agricultural and forestry workers is lower, and minimum wages for certain categories of workers are more likely to be set by a sectoral definition or collective agreement. New minimum wages: wholesale and retail trade from 02 August 2019 The minimum wage for South Africa`s hotel and restaurant sector will be revised upwards from 1 July 2018. I would just like to confirm that, as workers, we do not have an obligation to give them the annual increase in July, when all employees will now receive the minimum wage of R20/hour. The new sector provision on hotels and restaurants, which regulates the minimum wage in the sector, will apply until 30 June 2019. The hotel and restaurant sector has not seen a further increase since July 1, 2019.

Workers who earned the minimum wage R20/h already introduced in January 2019 are not automatically entitled to an annual increase. It remains a question of employer predation (where there is no union representing employees) or negotiation (where there is a union). Immediate adjustments in some sectors Employers in some sectors will need to increase their minimum wage from 1 January 2019 to R20/hour – including hotels and restaurants (where the current minimum for employers with less than 10 employees is R17.34 per hour) and wholesale and retail trade (where the minimum wage for several categories of workers is lower than R20/h, h currently the lowest R16.20). The new wholesale and retail tariffs have not yet been published. However, the absolute minimum rate for all W-R workers across South Africa is now 20 R20 per hour, effective January 1, 2019.